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April 15, 2014 Annual meeting minutes

Town Hall Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Present: 39 7:00 PM

The annual town meeting for the Town of Calumet was called to order by Chairman Mike Endries.
Present Chairman Mike Endries, Supervisors Fritz Anhalt, and Ken Lefeber, Clerk Mary Casper, and
Treasurer Allen Feldner.

The annual meeting notice was posted at the town hall, fire house, and National Exchange Bank.
Motion Lefeber, seconded Anhalt to approve the annual meeting notice as posted. Motion carried.

Motion Linda Baxter, seconded Don Breth to approve the 2013 annual meeting minutes as read.
Motion carried.

The chairman went through the annual report and answered questions and commented about the categories on the report.

There was comment on the wages of other town officers versus the population of the municipality.
Changes on wages can be made at a meeting of the people such as annual meeting, budget meeting as an agenda item or a special town meeting of electors. Any changes to town officers’ salaries will not go into effect until after the election in April of 2015.

There was concern with regard to the grave stone that was tipped over by a truck. We will look into this and put on the agenda for next month.

The difference in truck, truck equipment repair and, supplies category was about 40% higher than 2012.
This was because all three trucks needed work – one was repaired by the FDL county, one by Halbach Welding, and the other by Summerfield. The bills totaled approximately $11,000 for repairs. There were tires that needed to be replaced, and the other items were for supplies, and other equipment repairs. There is probably another $4,000 to $6,000 in repairs that still need to be done before next winter.

There was also discussion with regard to the ordering of the salt for next winter. The order has to be in the next day. We will not know the price of the salt when the order is placed.

It was also suggested that when the budget comes out for 2015 that this be made available as soon as possible so the electorate can review before the budget hearing. This will be done through the web site or it can be picked up by calling the clerk.

There was discussion with regard to having a closed session in the middle of the town board meeting while the electorate has to sit and wait for the board to come out of the closed session. It was suggested that the closed session be before the regularly scheduled town board meeting.
Motion Linda Baxter, seconded Ken Haensgen that any closed session be posted on the main agenda and be conducted one half hour prior to the regular town board meeting. Motion carried.

There was also discussion with regard to the rifle issue across the state by the DNR. There was very little issue with the rifle during the hunting season. This is a DNR issue and let the DNR handle it.

Motion by Mike Baxter, seconded Ken Lefeber that the town not be involved in the rifle issue and let the DNR take care of the rifle issue during the deer hunting season. Motion carried.

There was a question as to how the town will pay off the $100,000 loan that was just taken out. There are many large expenditures that are due between January and March of each year thus creating the cash flow problem. There was no carry over for 2014 and the wind tower money is approximately $20,000 short of covering the loan amount. There will be no road work done for 2014.

The 2015 annual town meeting will be on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 7:00 PM.

Motion Linda Baxter, seconded Alfred Endries to adjourn the annual town meeting. Motion carried.

Recorded by,
Mary Casper, Clerk


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