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April 18, 2017 2017 Annual Town Mtg


Town Hall April 18, 2017
Present: 12 7:00 PM

The annual town meeting was called to order by Supervisor Ken Lefeber. Present Supervisor
Ken Lefeber, and Steve Koenigs. Bruce Peterson was unable to attend. Also present were Clerk
Mary Casper, Treasurer Allen Feldner, and Assessor Linda Baxter.

The annual meeting notice was posted at the town hall, fire house, and National Exchange Bank and the town website. It was also published in the legal section of the Reporter.

Motion John Bertram, seconded Ed Meier to accept the 2016 annual town meeting minutes as read.
Motion carried.

The chairman of the annual meeting went over the annual report.

As there were no questions, the chair opened the floor to other concerns.

Linda Baxter brought up the overtime that we have for the first three month of 2017 which is 107
hours. She suggests that when there is 40 hours of time for plowing and the week is not over that
someone else come in if needed to plow. Two of the part time people do not have CDL’s and can
only use the Chevy truck. The Chevy truck is only used to plow the private driveways. The part time people do not want to come in to plow in the middle of the night. Most of the overtime was put in
on Saturday and Sunday wth an ice storm and snowing and drifting.

Motion Linda Baxter, seconded Ed Meier to advise the board to find alternate means to extend the money for wages under the transportation portion of he budget be it snow plowing, cutting grass or whatever and so that you are not over budget, because you already are, to lay off your road crew one week per month for the next five months because otherwise you are going to be over budget all year, and going forward that overtime be comp time. This motion is advisory only. A paper vote was taken
with the following results: No – 9 and Yes – 3 for a total of 12 which was the attendance at the meeting.
Motion carried.

To clarify, a yes vote means you are in favor of the motion as presented, and a no vote means you are okay with the way things are. It was verified that this is correct.

Ed Meier suggested that all the cars that change tires should have the name on the old tires when they
get new ones. People leave tires in the ditch by Ed. Ed was asked if he wanted the town to pick the tires up. He said that would be okay. The question was asked if the town would charge for picking up the

The question was raised with the plowing we share with another town such as Calmar Road, Dorn Road,
and Johnsburg Road where we get our side plowed first and the other side is not plowed till later. This
causes problems when people are driving and see one side plowed good and the other is still snow covered and icy. The other towns plow these last or sometimes not at all. There will have to be discussion with the other towns to see what can be done better.

The 2018 Town of Calumet Annual Meeting will be on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 7:00 P.M.

The chairman asked if there was any other discussion. As there was no other business to be brought before the annual town meeting, motion Maggie Lefeber, seconded Bob Schumacher to adjourn the
2017 Town of Calumet Annual Town Meeting. Motion carried.

Recorded by,
Mary Casper, Clerk


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