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April 19, 2016 2016 Annual Town Meeting


Town Hall April 19, 2016
Present: 11 7:00 PM

The annual town meeting was called to order by Chairman Bruce Peterson. Present Chairman Bruce Peterson, Supervisors Ken Lefeber, and Steve Koenigs, Clerk Mary Casper, Treasurer Allen Feldner, and Assessor Linda Baxter.

The annual meeting notice was posted at the town hall, fire house, and National Exchange Bank and also on the town website.

Motion John Bertram, seconded Linda Baxter to approve the April 21, 2015 Annual Town Meeting as read. Motion carried.

The Chairman went over the annual report totals for 2015 in each category.

Questions regarding the annual report were as follows:

Why has the sale of scrape lower than in 2014 – We decided to stockpile the scrape because of a price decrease and watch the price and sell accordingly.

The recycle center was inspected last summer. There are things that cannot be burned and have to be put in the dumpster. We have to move the burn pile area because it has to be 100 feet from anything burnable from the edge of the fences. Where the flags are measured out is where the fence has to be. This will have to be completed soon.


We have received a grant on Johnsburg Road and we have accepted bids to get the road redone.
The two culverts will be replaced shortly.

Last year was the town audit. Some of the concerns were shown that the money that was moved some was back in place again. We learned that the there was better ways of handling money during tax collections. The other year when they borrowed some money, they had moved some money from the equipment fund to the general fund without any board action and it was shown to be put back in place
again. There should have been board motions to direct the money around.

Another thing the audit said was to recommend the fire department not have control of taxpayer money without voter representation. This issue is going to be discussed at a meeting on April 20, 2016.

The biggest part of that is FEMA grants and that we get things reported right. The most important part of the audit was the collection of taxes and making a more secure situation for the timely depositing of
taxes. The old way was that the treasurer collected the month of December and deposited the money after the first of the year. The reason that this was done this way is that the revenue was for the new year. This being a cash basis system they did not want to mix the revenues.

There was a question if there is a set amount that goes into the equipment fund and a set amount that
goes into road maintenance. Road maintenance is part of the transportation category. The budget amount for the equipment fund is $14,000. It was at $20,000 but had to cut back because of needing more money in another category.

The International will have to be replaced. There have been issues with this truck. The wiring is the problem now causing corrosion of the wiring. It is fixed for the time being, but needs a new wiring harness and we are waiting for a cost on this. The Chevy truck should be replaced before the
International. The box is rusting and the frame has been patched. This truck is essential because it is easier to use instead of the big truck for certain jobs.

We have a new mower ordered and should be coming the week of April 25, 2016.


The contract is signed to put wedging and the second coat on Calmar Road, gravel the shoulders.
Also, doing patching on Kiel Road. The last wedging is flaking off. Northeast Asphalt and the County are getting prices for this project. They are going to make some suggestions as to what we should do with some of the patches.

There needs to be something done with St. Paul Road between HH and triple H. There is the possibility of pulverizing it and leaving the blacktop lay and add no gravel.

A question was asked who is responsible when a huge truck is hugging the center of the road or over the center of the road and is not moving over. It would help if the road was centerlined. The board will look into centerling Kiel Road when Johnsburg Road is being done.

We are in the process of adopting a Sex Offender Ordinance. The county has an ordinance, but the county suggests that the town adopt the ordinance also.

The town is also working on a driveway permit and that way we can keep track of where they are.
We can make sure that the culverts are the correct size and end walls are also installed. They also should not pour concrete 10 feet from the edge of the road.

Fond du Lac County Land Conservation by Lakeside Cemetery is working with Loron Bock on putting rip rap wall along the edge.

A question was asked if the board was all set with wages for the next election cycle. In 2014, at the budget hearing, each elected salary was reviewed and all remained the same. At the 2015
budget hearing it was decided that board members doing work outside of their elected position
would remain at $10.00 per hour. Salary adjustments can be made at the budget hearing or at
the annual meeting. With the new election laws that were just put into effect before the 2016 spring election, and more new laws for the August and November 2016 election, this putting more work on
the clerk.

Motion John Bertram, seconded Bruce Peterson to raise the clerk salary $1,000 from $14,000 to
$15,000 effective the next election cycle which is April 2017. Motion carried by voice vote.

The 2017 Annual Town Meeting will be on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 7:00 PM.

Motion Linda Baxter, seconded Steve Koenigs to adjourn the 2016 annual town meeting.
Motion carried.

Recorded by,

Mary Casper, Clerk


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