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April 21, 2015 2015 Annual Town Mtg Minutes


Town Hall April 21, 2015
Present: 30 7:00 PM

The Annual Town meeting was called to order by Chairman Mike Endries. Present Chairman
Mike Endries, Supervisor Ken Lefeber, Clerk Mary Casper, Treasurer Allen Feldner, and Assessor
Linda Baxter. Supervisor Fritz Anhalt was unable to attend.

The annual meeting notice was posted at the town hall, fire house, and National Exchange Bank.

Motion Ed Meier, seconded Mike Baxter to approve the April 15, 2014 annual meeting minutes as
read. Motion carried.

The chairman reviewed the annual report and questions were answered. Some concerns were the
major vehicle repair for 2014 and the major vehicle repair we are looking at for 2015. There will
have to be a decision made with regard to the mower and some of the other issues with the vehicles
and checking into the cost of the repairs.

Bruce Peterson mentioned that there should be an audit done on the town books. He said in studying the annual report and the budget for the following year, he has a problem following through on everything. With respect to Steve and him coming in as new officers, he would like to see an audit.
He mentioned that with no tracking of carry overs in the budget and the other dollars that come in like
liquor and operator license fees, and what has been going on over the last 2 years with the in fighting
on the board, he would like to see a motion from the electorate to have the town board do an audit to protect the board and the taxpayers of the town. A motion was made by Paul Petri and seconded by
Mike Baxter to do an audit of the town records. Motion carried by voice vote, with no objecitons.
(Thirty yes and zero no).

There was discussion about the vehicle keys and that all sets should not be kept in the garage. The board members should have keys for the vehicles in their possession. A motion was made by Linda
Baxter, seconded by Paul Petri to make 3 additionsl sets of keys for each vehicle and have each of the board members have a set in their possession so that in case of an emergency the vehicles will be able to be accessed. Motion carried by voice vote, with no objections. (Thirty yes and zero no).

There was discussion that the hourly rate for the recycle center is $13.00 per hour, and the part time
road people are also at $13.00 per hour and if on the snow plow they are at $15.00/hour. The board
members are paid $10.00 per hour if they need to go out and do any other work for the recycle center
or road issues. A motion was made by Maggie Lefeber, seconded by Linda Baxter that the compensation
should stay at $10.00 per hour for board members for extra work for the town. Motion carried by voice vote, with no objections. (Thirty yes and zero no).

The 2016 Town of Calumet Annual Meeting will be on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 7:00 PM.

As there was no other business to be brought up at the 2015 Annual Town Meeting, motion Bob
Schumacher, seconded Mike Baxter to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried by voice vote.

Recorded by
Mary Casper, Clerk


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