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July 5, 2016 Minutes

Town Hall July 5, 2016
Present: 11 7:00 PM

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Bruce Peterson. Present Chairman Bruce
Peterson, Supervisors Ken Lefeber and Steve Koenigs.

The agenda was posted at the three posting places at the town hall, fire house, and
National Exchange Bank.

Motion Lefeber, seconded Koenigs to approve the agenda as posted. Motion carried.

Motion Koenigs, seconded Peterson to approve the town board minutes of June 7, 2016 as read. Motion carried.

Motion Lefeber, seconded Koenigs to approve the treasurer’s report as read. Motion carried.

Motion Lefeber, seconded Koenigs to approve the invoices as presented in the amount of
$30,329.22. Moiton carried.

Motion Lefeber, seconded Peterson to have the town recover the shoulder when the paving is being done on Johnsburg Road and the shoulder to be hauled by Don for shouldering elsewhere around the town. Motion carried.

Motion Lefeber, seconded Koenigs to get a spare clutch, flails, shackles and bolt packs etc as spare parts for the mower so they are on hand in case of breakdowns. Motion carried.

Motion Peterson, seconded Koenigs to reserve a boom mower from Serwe Industirial Equipment for forty hours. Motion carried.

Bids were opened for the following projects:
Schumacher Road
Fond du Lac County Hwy (Mill 2.5”, 20’x50’ and 10’ x 75’) $ 5416.20
Northeast Asphalt(Mill 1.5” 20’x50’ and 173’ x 10’) $ 7680.00

Kiel Road – 3 areas
Fond du Lac County Hwy (1 patch 300 sq ft)
(1 patch 3700 sq ft) $11429.65
(1 patch 700 sq ft)
Northeast Asphalt ( 1 patch 10 x 30’) $ 3400.00
(1 patch 93’ x 10’) $ 4160.00
(1 patch 285’ x 20’) $11412.00

Town Hall Road
Fond du Lac County Hwy Repave 260x7’x3” $ 5131.01
Northeast Asphalt Mill 56 sq yd to 12” depth
Replace 9” base & 2.5”
Asphalt surface $6200.00

Schoenborn Road
Fond du Lac County Hwy Mill & blacktop one area 2750 sq yd $4108.24
Northeast Asphalt 211 sq yd 95 x 20’ full width of rd $3400.00

Northeast Asphalt
Johnsburg Rd – Culvert 45’ x 20’ (SUNKEN CULVERT) $4000.00

Grand Totals – Northeast Asphalt (all projects) $61372.00
Fond du Lac County Hwy (all projects) $26085.10

Motion Peterson, seconded Lefeber to accept the four bids from FDL County Highway with the clarification of the amount on Schumacher Road. Motion carried.

Motion Lefeber, seconded Koenigs to accept the Northeast Asphalt bid of $4,000 to repair the sunken culvert on Johnsburg Road. Motion carried.

Discussion took place with regard to the elected assessor versus an appointed assessor.
Different quotes were presented for an appointed assessor along with comments from the
electorate. Since the two year election cycle is approaching the change to an appointed assessor has to be considered before nomination papers are taken out.

Motion Lefeber, seconded Koenigs to have a referendum on the November 2016 ballot and to have the voters decide on an elected or appointed assessor. Voice vote was as follows:
Koenigs - yes, Lefeber – yes, and Peterson – no. Motion carried.

The next town board meeting will be on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 7:00 PM.

Motion Lefeber, seconded Koenigs to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.

Recorded by,
Mary Casper,Clerk


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