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September 2, 2014 Minutes

Town Hall September 2, 2014
Present: 28 6:30 PM

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mike Endries. Present Chairman Mike Endries,
Supervisors Fritz Anhalt, and Ken Lefeber.

As noted on the agenda, there was a short meeting with the Fire Department and Town Board to present information to the electorate on the Fire Department operating on its own.

The agenda was posted at the town hall, fire house, and National Exchange Bank. Motion Anhalt, seconded Lefeber to approve the agenda as posted. Motion carried.

Motion Anhalt, seconded Lefeber to approve the minutes of the August 5, 2014 town board meeting as read. Motion carried.

Motion Lefeber, seconded Anhalt to approve the treasurer’s report as read. Motion carried.

Motion Anhalt, seconded Lefeber to have the town attorney look over the Fire Department agreement and report back to the board with any concerns. Motion carried.

Motion Endries seconded Anhalt to not pay the mowing bills submitted by John Bertram and Mike Steffes and send a letter to them stating so. Motion carried.

Motion Anhalt, seconded Lefeber to pay all bills for a total of $28,095.75, Fire Department portion in the amount of $12,998.69, and Town portion in the amount of $15097.06 with the exception of the invoice from John Bertram and Mike Steffes. Motion carried.

Motion Anhalt, seconded Lefeber to leave the road damage caused by Konen Trucking as was repaired at the corner of Artesia Beach Road and Lakeshore Drive. Voice vote: Anhalt – yes, Lefeber – yes, and Endries – no. Mr. Endries stated the corner should be milled and replace the blacktop. Motion carried.

The board decided to make the following changes on the Plan Commission – move Dennis Lefeber from an alternate to member (to replace Larry Schneider who moved out of the town). On the Board of Appeals – move Matt Freund from an alternate to ember (to replace a member that could not make the meetings). The clerk will contact these individuals to confirm.

Motion Lefeber, seconded Anhalt to have Groeschel Company service the air conditioner and heating system at the town hall and garage. Motion carried.

The following was read at the meeting by the chairman and he wanted this included as part of the minutes:
As I have noted in the past, the work process for the General Town Laborer is inefficient. It has been brought to my attention by several town members, that this dysfunction is very visible and they have provided valuable suggestions, which I will enforce.
For any business or organization to operate smoothly there has to be communication, a chain of command, and organization.
First off, I would like to propose that our Town Chairman, Mike Endries, Town Supervisor Kenny Lefeber, and Town Supervisor Fritz Anhalt designate the monthly workload for the General Town Laborer, Don Lisowe. The Town Board members will have to find the jobs, take biweekly road inspection trips, prioritize each job, and then provide a list of jobs to be completed each week to the General Town Laborer. The Town Chairman, Mike Endries, will inspect all town vehicles for work and create a list of supplies needed for all vehicles. The list will then be presented each month to the Town Board.
The two Town Supervisors should break up the Town into sections; each supervisor is responsible for one section. The supervisors will rotate sections each month to ensure that nothing is missed. The General Town Laborer will follow and complete the assigned workload, on time, that has been designated for them by the Town Board, unless an emergency arises that required the General Town Laborer’s immediate attention. If an emergency arises the General Town Laborer is to let the Town Chairman know. The General Town Laborer document what jobs have been completed, are still in progress, and have not yet been started, and submit this to the Board before each meeting.
At the end of each month the town Board members will review the performance (good or bad), timeliness, and quality of the work completed by the General Town Laborer. I would like to purchase a Time Clock to help with this review process.
The Town Board members will compile a list of jobs, then at the Town meetings the Board members will discuss what jobs can be completed by the General Town Laborer over the next month. If work cannot be found or created, then the General Town Laborer should be laid off until jobs are found. If extra help is needed, it needs to be brought to the Town Boards attention at the monthly meeting.
I have taken the time to inspect the roads and compiled a list of jobs that require the General town Laborer’s attention. I have broken the jobs down into four (4) sections:
1. Paving/Patchwork
2. Grading/Gravel
3. Sign/Markers
4. Tree Trimming/Brushwork
I would also like to hire an automotive/equipment maintenance position or outsource this work
If it can’t be complete. The position will fix all town vehicles and equipment. The General Town Laborer will help the Maintenance position only when needed.
Kenny and Fritz feel free to add any jobs to the list that you know need attention).
In order to budget or plan more successfully for the future, we need to develop a long term road plan. I would like to propose that the town board creates a five (5) year and ten (10) year Road maintenance/replacement plan. The plan should lay out which roads need repair/maintenance, including costs, tax impact projections, importance, and a yearly breakdown of roads should be repaired/replaced. After the Board has developed a long term plan for our roads, there needs to be a special public hearing discussing only our long term road maintenance plan. This will allow town members to hear and decide which actions are best for our town roads.
I would like to thank those Town members who have provided ideas on how to improve the town and town processes. Your input is greatly appreciated and welcomed any time.

The next town board meeting will be on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 7:00 pm at the town hall.

Motion Lefeber, seconded Anhalt to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.

Recorded by,
Mary Casper, Clerk


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